Ron Rivera Bears as Panthers Coach

Ron Rivera Bears’ former player is the current head coach of Carolina Panthers. As a coach, he was the defensive coordinator of Bears and in 2011 he became the coach of the Panthers, a title that made him win the NFL Coach Of The Year recognition in 2013 and 2015. As a coach for Panthers, he helped the team win three straight divisional titles and also an appearance on the Super Bowl 50 thanks to his leadership.

In 2014, Ron Rivera met with Ji Harbaugh in the playoff clash, both were former Bears players and showed very fond of each other. Rivera has a great acceptation by the Panthers fans as he has won several games thanks to a blueprint of strategies that he has designed. He declared that part of the strategies used in 2012 were inspired from strategies Harbaugh used in 2013 to get to the Super Bowl.

Harbaugh stated that he is fond of Rivera and he knows he is a very competitive person so he expects him to be a tough adversary at their encounter. He also said that the two of them had been lifelong friends, and that is why he knows he is still the same high character individual he has always been.